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At LPF Kiddies Club CIC School Holiday Club and Saturday School We believe that all children should have access to high quality educational provisions regardless of their eco-social backgrounds. We recognise that there is often an inequality in the opportunity for disadvantaged children whose parents cannot afford to pay private tuition fees and so we work to ensure that all children are given a chance to raise their educational attainment through our summer school booster sessions which are affordable and accessible to all. Over six weeks of learning the children will learn how they can make a difference in themselves, their family, community, country, and world; and that through hope, education and action all things are possible.


LPF Kiddies Clubs literacy program is personalised to suit the individual needs of each child, the work set is suitable to the key stage group of your child and is in line with the national curriculum framework for literacy. Children are grouped in small groups with children in their age range allowing for one to one time and all sessions are delivered by an experienced tutor. We realise that children learn best at their own rate, so we will give children time to explore, practice and acquire new skills and we will support them throughout their development. 




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