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LPF Kiddies Club School Holiday Club and Saturday School consist of educational and sociable activities, events and outings designed to keep your children entertained and educated when they are not in the classroom. We aim to provide a source of inspiration for keeping your children engaged, motivated and enthusiastic about learning.


Academic Enrichment


LPF Kiddies club School Holiday Club and Saturday School provides programs which increases your child’s self-esteem whilst enabling them to generate a more positive attitude towards learning. With parental consent, we go on field trips and picnics to nearby parks. We have regular visits to the library, the cinema, theatres, bowling, museums, farms, ice skating, places of interest and many more. ​(Some of these incur extra cost)


We aim to encourage the children to


·         Be empowered to learn

·         Achieve higher levels of success

·         Transform their future

          Have a strong sense of their cultural identity


Each Week at LPF Kiddies Club C.I.C School Holiday Club


  A typical LPF Kiddies Club School Holiday Club week would consist of these types of activites and outings:


  • Learn a New Skill session - baking, gardening, nature hunt, arts and crafts, basic cooking, sewing

  • Literacy session - based on the National curriulum and suitable for your Childs Key stage level

  • Book Club -reading development through sharing stories, creating stroies and completing book reviews 

  • Cinema Club - visit to the cinema as a group to watch a fun and age appropriate movie

  • Swim Club - a trip to a local leisure centre to get excercise through group swimming sessions

  • An educational visit - to Museums, Libraries, Art Galleries and Places of interest.





Learn A New Skill


Each week we run a Learn a New Skill club where children get to learn a variety of different skills such as:


  • Gardening

  • Baking and decorating cupcakes

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Sewing 

  • Cooking

Saturday School
We offer a variety of accademic programs
enabling the children to expand and boost their
knowledge on subjects they would already have been studying in school. All sessions are suitable to the key stage level of your child and are based upon the National curriculum. We offer support with English, maths and exam preparations for their SAT's or 11 plus exams.








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