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The DIVAS & SEND project is one of LPF Kiddies Club's latest projects created by Carmel Britto to support in the improvement of the mental health and well-being of parents and siblings of SEND children.

Launched in 2022, this project was commissioned by the Royal Borough Greenwich Community Innovation Fund and continues to be funded by JHD Events.  

This project features culturally specific holistic services which consist of:

An autism friendly play zone during the school holidays offering target support and respite for siblings of children with SEND. which is also inclusive in order to be accessible for all children. Featuring arts and crafts workshops, sensory toys and games, pop up arcade, interactive workshops and lots more.  

A weekly art therapy focused coffee morning for Mums to come together in a safe space to share experiences, gain advices and offer support to each other whilst participating in a range of therapeutic art activities.

A ladies night out over dinner and dancing for Mums. A great evening filled with fun games, guest speakers and entertainment.  Celebrating SEND mums and those who work with SEND children and families.

A parents conference hosted by our Abbey woods and Thamesmead Black Parents Forum giving parents an opportunity to hear from community leaders, statutory professionals and SEND experienced parents about a range of topics related SEND, from how to access services, to understanding what services are a available, and building awareness within the community.

Advocacy and support services offering targeted support to parents navigating the ASD and or ADHD assessment pathways. 

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