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Frequently asked questions

Is LPF Kiddies Club a childcare provider?


LPF Kiddies Club CIC is not a child minding Service. We are an interactive Out of School Holiday club and Supplementary school for childre as well as clubs where we bring the parents into their child’s learning environment. Children must be accompanied by an adult (or person over the age of 16) on all educational trips and outings unless other arrangements have been made for them.


Will my child/ren need equipment?


We will provide everything needed for your child/ren to take part in all our Holiday Club and Supplementary School activities. However if your child/ren will need any additional equipment to take part in an activity or outing we will notify you in advance. We do ask that when attending our outings that children are dressed appropriately for the weather and have on suitable footwear for walking.


Who will be looking after my child/ren?


The health and safety of all children under our care is our number one priority and all our staff are fully trained and DBS checked.


A maximum of 35 children will be able to attend the Holiday club at any time except on days when we are going out on day trips when children are accompanied by their parents at which time the number of children may be higher and each parent/ career will be responsible for the supervision of their own child. We will maintain a ratio of 8 young people per member of staff at all times.


How much will it cost?


There is an annual membership fee of £35 per family for the period of 1 club year and will entitle your children to discounts on our services. The membership fees paid for children joining our club in the school term before the summer holidays up until September will be kept until the start of the September term when their annual membership will begin however they will still benefit from club member discounts during the summer holiday.


Club fees are £7.50 per holiday club session for registered club members and Non club members pay £15 per sessions, unless otherwise specified.

Holiday club fees must be paid no later than a week in advance, and all your required sessions for each week must be paid for in full in advance. You can book and pay for the entire holiday worth of activities at once or you can pay for a weeks’ worth of activities at a time. We only take bookings on a day to day basis in exceptional circumstances. Additional charges may be occurred for activities or day trips but we always investigate the least expensive option keeping costs to a minimum.


How can I register my child/ren to be LPF Kiddies Club members?


Download a membership pack or contact us to request an application pack to be sent to you in the post

Once you have completed the registration form, one for each child return it to us via e­mail or by post.

Payment for membership must be made at the time of submitting your registration form. Payment should be made in full, into our clubs account as we do not accept cash payments and all cheques should be made payable to LPF Kiddies Club CIC

How can I register my child/ren onto a LPF Kiddies Club holiday programme?

Contact us to request a copy of the current holiday club programme or updates can be viewed on our website or Facebook page. Once you have selected the days and or sessions you would like your child/ren to attend contact us to book your child/ren into your chosen sessions and make arrangements for payments. It is really important you do this as soon as possible as places are limited and are booked up quite quickly. Payment will then be taken in advance of your session, we do not accept cash and all cheques should be made payable to LPF Kiddies Club CIC

How to contact LPF Kiddies Club:

Contact us by:  Telephone: 074 2686 8190    E­mail:

Office Hours:   School term time: 10am ­- 6pm    School holidays time:  10am -­ 6pm

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