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LPF Kiddies Club (CIC) is a not for profit out of School Club founded by Carmel Britto in 2013. We are based in the Abbey Wood and Thamesmead areas of the Royal Borough of Greenwich and we support local children aged 5 to 14 years old from both the Greenwich and Bexley Boroughs to fulfill their potential through education, mentorship and personal development training. We create opportunities for children and young people to develop the functional and life skills needed to improve their life chances, eradicate poverty, raise their achievement levels and become future leaders.

Our company has been founded on the belief that every child matters and should: Feel safe, adopt healthy lifestyles, achieve and enjoy, make a positive contribution and develop skills for the future.


LPF Kiddies Club creates fun, educational and culturally rich events, outings and learning environments where the children we work with can develop new skills, gain new experiences and raise their attainment levels within a community of families that have a vested interest in their success. LPF Kiddies Club works to ensure that every child we work with is making the most of their time outside of school by providing them with a variety of extended learning programs in safe and supportive environments which are designed to raise their achievement levels. We promote community cohesion by hosting regular community events designed to support engagement from varied sections of the community.

LPF Kiddies Club is designed to not only support and develop children’s academic achievements but to nurture their cultural identity as well as  cater for their physical, emotional and family needs. LPF Kiddies Club encourages and supports parents, careers and the family as a whole to take an activity role in their child’s academic development and creates workshops and training opportunities to support the parents in doing this, which in turn aids in strengthening family units.

We work to remove barriers for children because we feel that all children have the right to enjoy their childhood and thrive.












LPF Kiddies Club Members

"Let learning be meaningful and fun"

Community Enrichment


LPF Kiddies Club encourages social interaction by organising community focused events that will promote social and cultural interaction. We want to ensure that we utilise the community as a whole drawing from the wealth of knowledge that can be gained from shared generational experiences and the inclusion of all from our ethnically diverse community.


LPF Kiddies Club aims to break social exclusion by ensuring we are able to reach those in our community who may not necessary be able to benefit from social interaction such as Parents with young children, young mothers and fathers, those caring for disabled children or SENs or single parents.


LPF Kiddies Club works to achieve all this through the provision of fun and creative programmes and projects, family fun days and outings, community events and our parents group.

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