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What we do


LPF Kiddies Club runs activities during most school holidays providing low costing enrichment programs in safe and nurturing environments where children from the local community can come together to develop their learning skills, build strong friendships and create lasting memories that they will cherish for a life time. We work to enable children to achieve their full potential by improving their levels of aspiration and progression throughout the primary stages of their education. LPF Kiddies Club delivers sessions where the parents are brought into the learning environment and are encouraged and supported as they become an integral part of their child's learning experiences. We combine education and learning with fun and engaging experiences to help the children develop emotionally, physically, intellectually, creatively and socially. 


                                            We always emphasise on MAKING LEARNING MEANINGFUL AND FUN.

We also work to strengthen family units and support positive family environments


We understand that children raised in strong and stable home environments are more likely to achieve a positive future and a greater sense of well-being and so we work with the family unit as a whole to:


Foster positive home learning environments

Encourage and support parents to take a proactive role in their child’s learning

Become more confident in their engagement in their child’s educational journey through mainstream school 


LPF Kiddies Club provides opportunities for parents to gain relevant information and ideas on making positive choices about the way they are bringing up their child, we help them to access services and support available to them, we support them in gaining new skills, provide volunteering opportunities and deliver workshops and training sessions that helps to build their confidence and a greater sense of self-esteem.


Each Week at LPF Kiddies Club C.I.C School Holiday Club


  A typical LPF Kiddies Club School Holiday Club week would consist of these types of activities and outings:


  • Learn a New Skill session - baking, gardening, nature hunt, arts and crafts, basic cooking, sewing

  • Literacy session - based on the National curriculum and suitable for your Childs Key stage level

  • Science Club - learn a wide range of S.T.E.M skills, work with scientist, visit scientific organisations or professionals

  • Book Club -reading development through sharing stories, creating stories and completing book reviews 

  • Cinema Club - visit to the cinema as a group to watch a fun and age appropriate movie

  • Swim Club - a trip to a local leisure centre to get exercise through group swimming sessions

  • An educational visit - to Museums, Libraries, Art Galleries and Places of interest.

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